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  • Multidisciplinary meeting software for your MDT
  • Analyse Queensland incidence, mortality and survival data
  • For ethics and data custodian approved projects

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Bundaberg Base Hospital

Caboolture Hospital

Cairns Hospital

FNQ Surgical Services

Gold Coast University Hospital

Hervey Bay Hospital

Ipswich Hospital

Mater Hospital Brisbane

Northern Urology


Princess Alexandra Hospital

Qld Youth Cancer Service

Queensland Children's Hospital

Radiation Oncology Princess Alexandra Raymond Terrace (ROPART)

Redcliffe Hospital

Response Oncology

Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital

Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital

The Prince Charles Hospital

The Townsville Hospital

The Wesley Hospital

Toowoomba Hospital

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Which projects would you like to join?

Breast Audit - Toowoomba

Breast Audit Toowoomba Current

BQA Audit for Dr Eric Donaldson and Dr Iman Antoun patients post 30/09/2017.

Breast Data Review

Breast Hormone Status

Colorectal audit 2013

CV events in breast cancer patients

DCIS breast project 2000-2016

DCIS project

GI Lymphoma

Management of Malignant Polyps

Review all polpectomies for rectal cancer patients 2011 - 2013

Oesophagogastric (UGI committee)

A review of oesophogectomy and gastrectomy for Upper GI cancer 2013 - 2016 to record evidence of stage, tumour size, margins and lymph node dissection

Oropharynx Cancer Project

Paeds and AYA 0-25 yrs. (2015 – 2019)

Project A - Skin diagnosis

Project B - Skin surgical procedures

Retrospective SCC/BCC PNI Skin Project

Unknown Lung project July 2019

Youth Cancer Review

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