Queensland Cancer Statistics

Queensland Cancer statistics

We have designed a tool that you can access via the internet to look at cancer data in Queensland.  It's easy. It's free and it's called OASys.

OASys is a powerful tool which allows you to gain statistics for studying the impact of cancer in Queensland.


OASys can be used for many purposes and by a wide variety of health professionals, such as:

  • Clinicians: access information relating to survival rates, to monitor changes in survival pre and post introduction of new cancer treatments
  • Researchers: use Queensland data to describe the cancer population and characteristics under study. See our Data & Access page for more information
  • Executives: access detailed data about cancer service use with reference to specific demographics or epidemiological groups when planning new services.
  • Administrators: Use incidence projections for operational planning eg. How many breast cancer patients are projected to be diagnosed in my HHS in the next 5 years?
  • Policy makers: For evaluation of health interventions/programs and their impact on cancer incidence, mortality and survival


We have developed a way of bringing together all the relevant databases that hold information about individuals diagnosed with cancer. When we bring the databases together, we put them through a rigorous matching and linking process, and then de-identify and analyse the data.  The end result is our analysis system called OASys. A one stop shop that paints a picture of cancer in Queensland.

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OASys is connected to our data repository so you must have registered access to the data before using the software.
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We are available to provide ongoing training and support. Please contact us for assistance, training, and curly clinical questions regarding data analysis.


Download the OASys data tables to conduct further analysis on cancer in Queensland.

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