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QOOL is a fully customisable, clinical cancer application with integrated data from over 60 data sources.  QOOL provides cancer teams with tools that support routine and standard data capture, information sharing with a patient centric focus and analysis of cancer data for quality and safety, and research to promote excellence in cancer care.

How does QOOL support cancer teams?

Multidisciplinary Teams

QOOL is a web-based system which supports cancer multidisciplinary teams by assisting meeting preparation, communication and documentation of essential clinical information such as diagnosis, cancer stage and recommended treatment plans. QOOL provides a centralised platform of patient data for multiple users, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Care Coordination

QOOL supports cancer care coordination by providing a module for referrals to care coordinators, psychosocial and clinical care coordination of patients, communication between facilities and data collection for the monitoring of care coordination.


QOOL provides a project module which supports clinicians with data collection for research and quality activities. QOOL allows researchers to make use of centralised data from Queensland Oncology Repository (QOR) and provides pre-populated patient data.  The module assists with management of patients within projects and purpose built data extraction is available.


QOOL benefits

Queenslanders with cancer | Clinicians and cancer teams
  • Patient record can be viewed securely anywhere, anytime by any member of the treating or support team
  • MDT management – online patient referrals, clinician membership, communication between teams
  • Prospective patient data collection – demographic, clinical, investigations, diagnosis and stage, psychosocial care, treatment, outcomes
  • Supports care coordination
  • In-built reporting – letters, activity reporting, audit
  • Integration of data from Queensland Oncology Repository (QOR) to create a patient record that follows the patient as they progress along the care pathway, adding treatment and outcome data
  • Direct HL7 feeds from public and private pathology labs
  • Data contributes to local and state-wide data collection for use in quality activities and research


Who uses QOOL?

Currently 67 MDTs across 14 public and private facilities in Queensland are using QOOL to support multidisciplinary care. 

Are you interested in using QOOL to support your cancer service? Contact us for further information and assistance.


How to access QOOL?

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QOOL support

MDT coordinators are available for QOOL support within your local facility. QCCAT are also available to provide ongoing training and support. Please contact us for assistance, training, and curly clinical questions regarding data collection.



QOOL–Dash is our latest tool and brings together up-to date data from QOOL to monitor MDT activity, data quality and for the first time provide clinical indicators including treatment and patient outcomes, to assist MDTs to evaluate the effectiveness of their service.



Queenslanders with cancer | Clinicians and cancer teams

QOOL-Dash turns the QOOL MDT data collection into bite-size chunks of information which support QOOL teams to monitor patient and health system outcomes at a local level.  Building on the development of clinical indicators by the Partnership Sub-committees, QOOL-Dash provides individual MDTs with ready-built analysis such as:

  • Days from diagnosis to surgery
  • Surgical mortality – 30 days, 90 days, in-hospital
  • Surgical survival – 1 and 2 year
  • Systemic and radiation therapy treatment

Individual team results are compared with the state-wide population averages to support monitoring of variation in patient outcomes and system processes.

Identified patient data is available for export to excel for further quality and safety audit and research.

Access to QOOL-Dash is based on your secure QOOL login and allows you to review your MDT data. Just look for the link in QOOL or go direct to QOOL-Dash

QOOL-Dash User Guide

QOOL-Dash Definitions




OASys is a web based analytic tool available to clinicians, researchers, executives and policy makers.

The tool provides de-identified data and functionality:

  • State-wide incidence, mortality and survival data from 1982 to current reporting period based on the Queensland Cancer Register data
  • Projections to 2036
  • State-wide and Hospital and Health Service level data
  • Demographic and diagnosis dimensions such as age, sex, rurality, cancer primary sites and much much more
  • Dimensions that support statistical analysis such as rates, survival, prevalence and potential years of life lost
  • Contains purpose built reports and allows you to build your own reports using drag and drop functionality
  • Download data tables