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Cancer in Queensland A statistical overview 1982-2021 (Annual update 2014)

This report is a comprehensive epidemiological report of cancer incidence and survival in Queensland and is a follow up to Cancer in Queensland: A statistical overview 2014. Once again, our aim with this publication is to provide 'data for today' and share the most up to date cancer data that is available.

For the first time a section focusing on Indigenous Queenslanders with cancer has been included. This section highlights where differences in cancer outcomes exist between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Queenslanders.

The report begins with cancer projections for 2021. We follow up the projections with an analysis of cancer incidence, mortality and survival in Queensland from 1982-2014. This data underpins our ability to estimate the impact of cancer in Queensland in 2021. It supports cancer services planning, evaluation and monitoring, and research.


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