Are there any terms and conditions for accessing Cancer Alliance Queensland data?

Yes. Data access terms and conditions are outlined below:

  • Cancer Alliance Queensland encourages the use of data for appropriate projects relevant to any aspects of cancer control.
  • A member of the Cancer Control Information team will be allocated to a data request and will liaise with the requestor regarding completeness and availability of data.
  • The Cancer Alliance Queensland adheres strictly to the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 and Public Health Act 2005 when considering requests to release data.
  • May require Queensland Department of Health legal advice or Director General approval for certain requests.
  • Will only release confidential (identifiable/re-identifiable) unit records or allow the recruiting of research subjects with the appropriate ethical and legislative approvals.
  • The Cancer Alliance Queensland will only release the least sensitive level of data that is practicable in order to fulfil the uses identified in the research proposal submitted with the data request.
  • The Cancer Alliance will not release data that has not been quality checked.
  • The use of data released must be limited to the original approved protocol. If anything in the original approval changes the requestor must seek approval for new use.
  • Authorised users of the QOOL application suite are not to access any data that is not for an approved purpose.
  • The Cancer Alliance Queensland Data Custodian has the responsibility and authority to review data and publications resulting from QOR data.
  • The requestor must adhere to the Citation Guidelines for publication and use of Cancer Alliance Queensland data.