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Queensland Brain Cancer Quality Index

The Queensland Brain Cancer Quality Index is the first brain cancer report in more than a decade and the most detailed brain cancer report published to date by Cancer Alliance Queensland. This Index is useful for benchmarking and establishing baseline brain cancer management patterns for Queensland. The indicators cover multiple stages of the patient journey including diagnosis, surgery, radiation and survival with specific indicators for particular pathological subtypes of brain cancer. The report highlights that over the two five-year periods increased access to radiation therapy has seen more Queenslanders receiving radiation therapy for their brain cancer diagnosis and more Queenslanders receiving their radiation therapy within appropriate time frames.

$6 Million Medical Research Future Fund

This funding will support the establishment of an Australian Brain Cancer Registry (ABCR) to improve quality of life and survival for a cancer group that has not seen any noticeable change in outcomes in decades. With this grant, Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia (BCBA) and project partners, Cancer Alliance Queensland (CAQ) and the Australian e-Health Research Centre at CSIRO, will establish the ABCR by developing infrastructure, natural language processing and a data dictionary to enable the automated electronic collection of the data points required to report Clinical Quality Indicators.

Papua New Guinea Cancer Registry

A signing ceremony officiated the joint initiative between Metro South Health (MSH), Cancer Alliance Queensland, the Port Moresby General Hospital, and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of Papua New Guinea. Cancer Alliance Queensland will assist Papua New Guinea (PNG) establish a national cancer registry and provide web-based software (QOOL-PNG) to enable the capture of incidence and mortality data for the PNG cancer population.

Cancer Data Explorer

The new Queensland Cancer Data Explorer is a dashboarding tool allowing users to access information on the number of new cases of cancer (incidence), deaths due to cancer (mortality), cancer survival, projections and prevalence. The data is sourced from the Queensland Cancer Register, a database containing information on Queenslanders diagnosed or dying from cancer since 1982.  The tool is freely available to the general public, researchers, clinicians and government bodies alike.

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