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What is QOOL Dash?

QOOL Dash is our latest tool and brings together up-to-date data from QOOL to monitor MDT activity, data quality and for the first time provide clinical indicators including treatment and patient outcomes, to assist MDTs to evaluate the effectiveness of their service.

QOOL Dash benefits?

Queenslanders with cancer | clinicians and cancer teams

QOOL Dash turns the QOOL MDT data collection into bite-size chunks of information which support QOOL teams to monitor patient and health system outcomes at a local level.  Building on the development of clinical indicators by the Partnership Sub-committees, QOOL Dash provides individual MDTs with ready-built analysis such as:

  • Days from diagnosis to surgery
  • Surgical mortality – 30 days, 90 days, in-hospital
  • Surgical survival – 1 and 2 year
  • Systemic and radiation therapy treatment

Individual team results are compared with the state-wide population averages to support monitoring of variation in patient outcomes and system processes.

Identified patient data is available for export to excel for further quality and safety audit and research.

Access to QOOL Dash is based on your secure QOOL login and allows you to review your MDT data.