+61 7 3176 4400 Level 1, B2 2 Burke St Woolloongabba Qld 4102 Australia


David Theile

Champion of service improvement

Euan Walpole

Godfather of data and chief MDT enthusiast

Shoni Philpot

Data Queen and Head Honcho

Danica Cossio

Travelling at the speed of light

Mick Anderson

Warehouse wrangler and social committee vice president

Victoria Donoghue

Adapting to Australian life...minus the vegemite

Nathan Dunn

Biostatistician and trivia repository

Julie Moore

Caretaker of the information super-highway

The Team

Peter Anderson

Source code sorcerer and sensational socialite

Nina Bhattacharjee

Coder and spontaneous travel planner

Michael Blake

Front end development and design guy

Lauren Buckley

One time slam poetry champion, systems thinker and quality assurance whiz

Jon Clark

Gentle giant and passionate cancer nurse

Mary-Jane Courage

Master of all trades and prolific baker

Donna Davis

Customer happiness and Roar fanatic

Alexander Dunn

Kiwi surfer surviving on GYG and Caramello Koalas

Pardeep Dhanda

Stand up dashboard architect

Ati Fard

Data wizard who does precision guesswork

Ally Fletcher

Directionally challenged-known to frequently jump on incorrect bus

Mark Foster

Human lawn dart in recovery (no bike accidents since 2017)

Greg Gammie

Runs the buffer in stylish socks

Dalisay Giffard

Animal whisperer on a quest to rescue Schrodinger’s poor tormented cat

Nikki Golobic

Scrutinizer and Master of avoiding photos (except this one)

Tracey Guan

Raconteur and Chief Skeptic

John Harrington

Data guru and social committee president

Helen Hunt

Number cruncher and data enthusiast

Lachlan Manahan

Clinical coder refining the content

Alysha Maughan

Data detective and indecisive social planner

Nilesh Mendis

King of SQL and high speed driver

Artika Nath

Data wrangler and R language lover

Nithesh Nayak

Data Chef: Generic with AI, specific with cooking

Theresa Negrello

Data enthusiast and science fiction movie buff

Kim Neri

Queen of melanoma and dog lover

Georgie Novak

Pack leader and moonlighting dog trainer

Hanna Nguyen

Sprouting coder and crochet hobbyist

Patricia Pastorelli

Fuelling her code with the rich taste of coffee, one cup and one line of code at a time

Neal Rawson

Excel wizard and serial fidgeter

Karen Sanday

An old dog learning new tricks

Donggang Shi

Noisy computer programmer and quiet runner

Larissa Taafe

Administration and Hostess with the Mostess

Kathy Temperton

Crafty Coder and Minion Maniac

Nancy Tran

A giant in the land of SQL

Phoebe Woodrow

Collector of data and rescuer of greyhounds

Caroline Wormald

Happiness ambassador and provider of sunshine

Danny Youlden

Once tried to teach his golden retriever the basics of survival analysis