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QOOL for Cancer Care Coordinators (CCC) guide

Search for a patient

Search for an existing patient by first name, surname, UR (e.g., UR12345), date/year of birth (1/1/1956 or just 1956), or a combination of criteria. Using surname and year of birth yields the most accurate results.

For example:

Add a patient

Please keep the following information in mind:
It's unlikely that you will need to add a new patient because if a patient has visited any health facility in Queensland, they will be in QOOL, regardless of whether they have a cancer diagnosis or not. If not found on search add them by selecting "create new patient." To create a new patient, you need will need the patient’s name, date of birth, and sex at birth. 

Create a CCC service?

To create a new CCC Service in QOOL, go to Search Service, then Create New Service. Follow the prompts, specifying the CCC Name, Facility and Focus, the Service Administrator and start date. You can then customise datasets.

Refer a patient to your CCC service

  • Once you find your patient in QOOL, select refer
  • Follow the prompts, adding as much info as required. Then select save and finish.
  • If you are the service administrator, or the Cancer Care Coordinator to who the patient is being referred (i.e. you are referring patients to yourself), the patient will be automatically added to your list. If another user has referred the patient to your service, you will need to accept or reject this referral. The referrer will receive an email advising

Your patient list

Generate your customisable and searchable patient list, which can be printed out or viewed online, from any device

Record episodes of care

Each time you provide an episode of care to a patient, directly or indirectly, this can be recorded in QOOL. Drop down boxes (enabling easy data extraction) as well as free text section are included in this section.

Create an action item list

Create an action item (or to-do) list that you can download and/or print out and refer to in your working day.

Youth Cancer

Customised data blocks for youth cancer services

Geriatric Cancer

Customised data blocks for geriatric cancer services

Manage service

Select manage service if you need to:

  • Change the contact person or details for the service
  • Add or remove datasets, or change the order in which they appear on the QOOL screen
  • Format email correspondence (referrals and acceptance)
  • Move referrals from one CCC to another
  • Discharge all deceased patients from the service
  • Document formatting – add barcodes and Facility UR preferences

Manage users

Select manage users if you need to grant service access to a user

My account

Go to My Account to request access to other services, or t update your contact details


The following reports can be run from your home screen:

  • Activity report – provides the user with service activity (referral numbers, episodes of care, indicators) – this report is often used for service planning or to support activity based funding requests
  • Action item report – a “to do” list for a coordinator or a service. These are entered via the Care Coordination page in QOOL.
  • Patient list – customisable list of patients in your service.